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Benefits Information

Cambray Solutions offers a range of benefits for the temporary and contract workers that are typically employee paid. Benefits currently available include the following:

Cambray Solutions - Benefits Section 125 Plan: Employees of Cambray Solutions that meet the eligibility requirements of the Section 125 Plan shall have the option of receiving a pre-tax deduction of individual or supplemental health insurance premiums from their paycheck. To be eligible, employees must have worked an average of 35 or more hours per week for eight consecutive weeks. For more information on the Section 125 Plan, please contact the benefits administrator at Cambray Solutions.

Short Term Health Insurance: Sometimes referred to as interim health insurance, this policy can provide short term medical coverage for up to six months. The policy can be renewed for an additional six month term under certain terms and conditions.

Major Medical Health Insurance: With comparable coverage to many group medical plans, this policy is an individual health insurance policy that may be continued by the employee after the work assignment is complete without any increase in premium. Coverage options are extensive with choices of deductibles, lifetime maximums, and other policy provisions that can be customized to individual needs.

Credit Union Membership: As an employee of Cambray Solutions, you will have access to competitive rates on auto, home, and personal loans in addition to several other benefits of credit union membership with access to more than 1500 CU Service Centers nationwide.

AFLAC: Supplemental insurance benefits are available through payroll deduction. Insurance options include life, short term disability, cancer, vision, and other Aflac products.