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About Cambray Solutions

Business Team

Cambray Solutions LLC., is a leading technology consulting and software solutions company. It started where all companies do, with a different angle on how clients wanting to do business with us. Corporations look for reasons to decrease their budget and increase their employee productivity. Cambray Solutions developed a solution that would do just that. We are a growing and diverse firm that has worked with Fortune 500 to companies that have as little of as fifteen employees.

Cambray Solutions realizes that the corporate world needed assistance in Staff Augmentation and the proper training for their employees to increase their productivity. Cambray Solution’s team has the understanding and know how in these key areas and has a hands on approach with their customer base. Or, to put it in simpler terms, our purpose is to connect our clients to our available resources and vice versa. We’ve been quite successful at doing this since our inception. Our success is built on a presence in several strategically focused cities (Austin, TX – New York, NY and overseas), and are considered a global company that works with large, global companies and the highest caliber of consultants anywhere.

We’ve Successfully Completed Hundreds of Search Assignments for Fortune 500 Corporations, Emerging Growth Companies, Medium and Small Firms, and Institutions Nationwide.

Cambray Solutions, LLC specializes in locating and securing the rarest of technical professionals, managers, and executives. How did we become such a reliable firm? Give us your next recruitment problem and you will discover the answer.

Whether it be a Ph.D. Research Scientist involved with metabolic chemistry, a Director of Genetic Research, an Air Dispersion Modeler tracking acid rain, an Environmental Engineer, a Patent Attorney out of Pharmaceuticals, a Vice President of Technical Services, a Chief Operating Officer, or a Medical Doctor Directing HIV Clinical Studies....we will track down the professionals you need and bring them to your doorstep.

What People Say About Our Services

I endorse Cambray Solutions LLC without hesitation, and especially applaud their ability to successfully operate in a sometimes ambitious talent search work environment. Their expertise, focus, and drive to find great talent and market that talent has been a tremendous asset to our team. When in need of a top talent scout, Cambray Solutions LLC always will be my first call.
Marlene London – Human Resources Consultant and Professional - BMC
Cambray Solutions LLC is a top notch recruiting firm who is professional, driven and produces high results, and is an asset, and will continue to be an asset for present business partners and for future.
Stephanie Chaplain - Information Technology and Services Consultant and Contractor
I strongly recommend Cambray Solutions LLC for any job that requires quick thinking, great organizational skills and a pleasant demeanor when working with people. Their recruiters juggled literally hundreds of accounts for six sales representatives, making their jobs easier and, by extension, helping our firm to increase sales.
Michael Stevens – Talent Acquisition Manager